What Our Customers Say


Assistant IT Manager, NYTIL

Communication is the lifeblood of smooth business operations. It is even more important when you need to communicate across countries and sometimes, even continents. That’s where Roke comes in, we provide internet solutions that enable smooth business operations both locally and internationally. Charles from Picfare - one of our long standing clients - shares how Roke has powered the company across borders.

Yvonne Lugali

Engineer, Water For People

The Internet is an integral part of the business process today with many businesses relying heavily on technology to run their everyday operations. The need to be able to learn, connect and share information with colleagues seamlessly and effectively makes the need for consistent and reliable internet something that just can't be ignored. Yvonne, an engineer at Water For People, one of our amazing clients shares her experience as a Roke customer.

Mathias (Jinja)

Manager, Health First Gym

The advantage of amazing internet like ours to a business cannot be overstated. Not only does it help boost sales through increasing the number of clients using online marketing efforts, it also ensures a great customer experience with free Wi-Fi at your premises. Mathias from Health First Gym & Fitness Centre Jinja as he speaks about how Roke Internet has powered his business.


Administrative Manager, GYCO

Education in Africa is experiencing a huge change, one that heavily relies on the Internet to not only facilitate communication amongst those in charge of training the youth but also to allow the youth to learn more and more by giving them access to a world of information online. If you do not believe us, listen to what Sharon from Gyco, one of incredible clients has to say.

Paul Ikanza

Head of IT, New Vision

We've launched Roke SDWAN, a technology that enables enterprises to simplify long distance network management, ensure greater agility, efficiency & cost saving over time. Listen to Paul Ikanza, Head of IT at New Vision as he tells you about his experience with the service.