Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the available plans cost?
  • Rokespot vouchers – daily – UGX1200, weekly – UGX6400, monthly – UGX24000

  • Roke Classic – 60GB – Ugx 112,000

  • Roke Unlimited – 150GB – Ugx 280,000

  • Roke Mega Plus – 450GB – Ugx 728,000

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses) – Prices on request

How much does Installation cost?
  • Wireless Clients: Ugx 300,000

  • Fiber Clients: Prices differ.

  • FTTH clients: Ugx 100,000

  • Rokespots are designed for public spaces and are installed by Roke Telkom, however, cost of installation can be shared upon request

How can I pay for my Roke package?

Click this link to view the different payment options.


How can I check my balance?

Through the selfcare portal

How do I check/view my graph?

By visiting, with your username and password, you’ll be able to view your graph.

How do I get a Roke Telkom connection?
What are the available plans?
  • Rokespot vouchers (daily, weekly and monthly)

  • Roke Classic Plus 60GB

  • Roke Unlimited Plus – 150GB

  • Roke Mega Plus – 450GB

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses)

What speeds will I get?
  • Rokespots – 5Mbps per user

  • Roke Plus Products - 10Mbps Speeds

  • Roke Enterprise (Depends on subscription)

How long will my Installation take?

This depends on what you are installing.

  • Wireless customers: We estimate a maximum of 3 Working days

  • Fiber customers: We estimate a maximum of 5-10 working days

  • FTTH customers – We estimate a maximum of 24 Hours.

How do I upgrade?

Send us an email on:

Is there a Minimum contract for Roke Enterprise?

Yes, you’ll need to sign up for a minimum of one Year

What do I Need to Move Home/premises?

You will need to provide us details of your new location and pay UGX 100,000 for wireless connections but when it comes to a fiber connection, this cost may vary.

I want to login to the web/selfcare portal. How do I know my login profile?

You will receive a welcome email with your Portal login details

How can I know there is coverage in my area?

Use this link to view our coverage map

How do I access the self-care portal?

Please click on My Roke on the top right corner on our homepage and input your username and password.


What are Rokespots?

Rokespots are Roke Telkom’s High speed Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Where can I find a Rokespot?

You can find these Hotspots at selected plazas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, Universities and student Hostels.

How do I access it?

Go to the Wi-Fi menu on your device, select Rokespot, and enter your login details in the portal to access the Wi-Fi.

How do I pay to use the Rokespot?

By using Mobile money or paying cash to the outlet for a voucher.

How much do I have to pay to use the Rokespot?

At all Rokespots, you can enjoy the flexibility of 3 payment options: 1200/= valid for 1 day, 6400/= valid for 1 week and 24,000/= valid for 1 month.

Can I use my voucher at a different Rokespot from the one where I bought it?

Yes, vouchers are usable at all our Rokespots as long as they are valid.

Why do I have to register?

The registration enables the system to automatically send your voucher to you by SMS.

Why do I have to pay and yet there is free Wi-Fi where I am?

Rokespot Wi-Fi will give you high speed, high reliability, extended access to Wi-Fi and flexibility of where to use your voucher.

Who do I contact for help?

You can call our 24/7 customer care help line: +256205000123, by WhatsApp to +256703681506, or by email to