Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the available plans cost?
  • Rokespot vouchers – daily – UGX1200, weekly – UGX6400, monthly – UGX24000

  • Roke Classic – 60GB – Ugx 112,000

  • Roke Unlimited – 150GB – Ugx 280,000

  • Roke Mega Plus – 450GB – Ugx 728,000

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses) – Prices on request

How much does Installation cost?
  • Wireless Clients: Ugx 500,000

  • Fiber Clients: Prices differ.

  • FTTH clients: Ugx 100,000

  • Rokespots are designed for public spaces and are installed by Roke Telkom, however, cost of installation can be shared upon request

How can I pay for my Roke package?

Click this link to view the different payment options.


How can I check my balance?

Through the selfcare portal

How do I check/view my graph?

By visiting, with your username and password, you’ll be able to view your graph.

How do I get a Roke Telkom connection?
What are the available plans?
  • Rokespot vouchers (daily, weekly and monthly)

  • Roke Classic Plus 60GB

  • Roke Unlimited Plus – 150GB

  • Roke Mega Plus – 450GB

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses)

What speeds will I get?
  • Rokespots – 5Mbps per user

  • Roke Plus Products - 10Mbps Speeds

  • Roke Enterprise (Depends on subscription)

How long will my Installation take?

This depends on what you are installing.

  • Wireless customers: We estimate a maximum of 3 Working days

  • Fiber customers: We estimate a maximum of 5-10 working days

  • FTTH customers – We estimate a maximum of 24 Hours.

How do I upgrade?

Send us an email on:

Is there a Minimum contract for Roke Enterprise?

Yes, you’ll need to sign up for a minimum of one Year

What do I Need to Move Home/premises?

You will need to provide us details of your new location and pay UGX 100,000 for wireless connections but when it comes to a fiber connection, this cost may vary.

I want to login to the web/selfcare portal. How do I know my login profile?

You will receive a welcome email with your Portal login details

How can I know there is coverage in my area?

Use this link to view our coverage map

How do I access the self-care portal?

Please click on My Roke on the top right corner on our homepage and input your username and password.

Roke Protect

What is Roke Protect?

Roke Protect is a cyber security solution that helps protect customers from online threats that they are likely to encounter on the internet, for example Malware, Spam & Phishing websites, Dangerous and Compromised websites. Roke Protect also gives the customer the opportunity to enable parental controls, for example block adult content & Crime. Roke Protect also enhances a customer’s user experience by allowing them to block Advertisements, as well as blocking YouTube, Gaming, Torrents and Social Networking sites at certain times. The cost of the Roke Protect are as below: 

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How does it work? (Get Info from the landing page)
How do I turn Roke Protect on and off?

ShapeYou activate the service via the ROKE Self-Care portal in the Roke Protect section on top menu by clicking the Activate Button.  


ShapeYou can also deactivate this service in the same place on the ROKE Self-Care portal. 


How do I enable the Category Settings?

Click on Roke Protect, then Settings as below. 


Select your desired Content Filtering from the 4 categories by Clicking on OFF Button to show ON. The below shows Security, Adult and Crime Filters are ON while Advertisement is OFF. 


Roke Protect protects your all home devices connected to the Roke Internet from fraudulent and infected sites. 


What are the security categories?

C&C (Command and Control): Domains that facilitate botnet communication to coordinate its activity. A botnet is a network of infected computers, which are controlled as a group. 

Malware: Domains that host and distribute any kind of malicious code. 

Phishing: Domains aiming to trick users and extract sensitive information such as credit card details, login credentials, etc. 

Blacklist: Domains that are known to serve multiple nefarious purposes at the same time or over a period. 

Spam: Domains that are linked to spreading spam emails and scam schemes. 

Compromised: Otherwise, legitimate domains that have been hacked. They are temporarily used for malicious purposes. 

Coinminer: Domains that hijack processing and energy resources for unsolicited cryptocurrency mining. 


What are the different Content categories?

Adult: For simple and effective parental control, the adult category filters out porn sites, gambling, and domains linked to weapons. 

Advertisement: Free yourself from irritating advertisements and make sure your activities are not monitored by web and email tracking systems. 

Crime: Rid your network of criminality. The Crime category blocks domains that are linked to drugs, racism, violence, and terrorism. 


How do I block or allow a page?

Open Roke Self-Care Portal go to Roke Protect on top menu and click on Setting. There is a section in below Categories Setting for “Manage Domain Lists” as below. To Allow specific Domains, click on 1st Blue Edit Allow List Button, and add the domain/s you want to Allow. 


To Block Domains, click on 2nd Red Edit Allow List Button and add the domain/s you want to Block. 

How do I set up Email reporting?

ShapeOn the Roke Protect Setting Page, Under the “Email Reports” section, click on box with “Inactive”. 


This will turn the email reporting feature to Active. Select whether you want Weekly or Monthly Reports and input Email address you want the reports sent to in “Send To” box. 



What is Bandwidth Limiting?

To save on how much bandwidth is consumed on your Roke Internet, Roke Protect allows you to block the usage of the 4 high bandwidth activities below: 

YouTube: Block the use of the YouTube during working hours (7AM-7PM), or All Day. 

Gaming: Block the use of Console and PC gaming (Nintendo Gaming, Xbox Live, PlayStation etc), console download traffic, game updates during working hours (7AM-7PM), or All Day. 

Torrents: Block the use of File-sharing applications (BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Ares, Winny, Share, Foxy etc ) that use a peer-to-peer distribution model during working hours (7AM-7PM), or All Day. 

Social Networking: Block the use of social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter during working hours (7AM-7PM), or All Day. 

How do I enable bandwidth limits?

ShapeClick in the box showing OFF till when it shows ON and turns as below: 


In the example above, YouTube is blocked during working hours. 


Does Roke Protect also protect me on public Wi-Fi or mobile data?

Roke Protect protects you on the ROKE network. When you connect to another provider's network, for example via a public Wi-Fi in a restaurant or mobile data, it does not protect you from threats. If you have Internet at home from ROKE. Then Roke Protect protects all devices connected via Wi-Fi to your home network. 



What are Rokespots?

Rokespots are Roke Telkom’s High speed Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Where can I find a Rokespot?

You can find these Hotspots at selected plazas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, Universities and student Hostels.

How do I access it?

Go to the Wi-Fi menu on your device, select Rokespot, and enter your login details in the portal to access the Wi-Fi.

How do I pay to use the Rokespot?

By using Mobile money or paying cash to the outlet for a voucher.

How much do I have to pay to use the Rokespot?

At all Rokespots, you can enjoy the flexibility of 3 payment options: 1200/= valid for 1 day, 6400/= valid for 1 week and 24,000/= valid for 1 month.

Can I use my voucher at a different Rokespot from the one where I bought it?

Yes, vouchers are usable at all our Rokespots as long as they are valid.

Why do I have to register?

The registration enables the system to automatically send your voucher to you by SMS.

Why do I have to pay and yet there is free Wi-Fi where I am?

Rokespot Wi-Fi will give you high speed, high reliability, extended access to Wi-Fi and flexibility of where to use your voucher.

Who do I contact for help?

You can call our 24/7 customer care help line: +256205000123, by WhatsApp to +256703681506, or by email to