Roke Unlimited Plus + ROKE Protect

ROKE Unlimited Plus + RRoke Unlimited Plusoke Protect

To the SME owners who want to make sure that internet usage at the workplace is utilised efficiently & effectively, ROKE Protect is here to save the day.

Enjoy ultimate control over the Internet usage at the workplace with the a number of ROKE Protect features that give you the ability to;

-Block Youtube, Social Media & Torrents from the office Wi-Fi network -Block any websites you don't want accessed during working hours

-Add a layer of security to your office Wi-Fi to protect you from cyber attacks


● For non-ROKE Plus clients, simply sign up for ROKE Unlimited Plus & activate ROKE Protect from the ROKE Selfcare Portal.

For existing customers, simply;

● Sign into your ROKE Selfcare portal (,

● Click on ROKE Protect on the Top Menu,

● Click on setting

● Click Activate