Roke Mega Plus + ROKE Protect


Roke at HomeROKE Mega Plus + Roke Protect

To the big data users on ROKE Mega, we know that optimising your Internet experience is pertinent to you getting the most out of your internet connection, that is why we are offering ROKE Protect absolutely FREE to all ROKE Mega Plus subscribers.

Enjoy ultimate control over the Internet usage at the workplace with the a number of ROKE Protect features that give you the ability to;

-Block Youtube, Social Media & Torrents from the office Wi-Fi network

-Block any websites you don't want accessed during working hours

-Add an extra layer of security to your office Wi-Fi to protect you from cyber attacks


● For non-ROKE Plus clients, simply sign up for ROKE Mega Plus Plus & activate ROKE Protect from the ROKE Selfcare Portal.

For existing customers, simply;

● Sign into your ROKE Selfcare portal (,

● Click on ROKE Protect on the Top Menu,

● Click on setting

● Click Activate