Statement from CEO RokeTelkom


History tells us, that Societies only progress when orthodoxies are challenged; While we acknowledge that we have many decoupled products from a technology standpoint, we’re happe to announce that we have merged our “FTTH and Wi-Fi “product experience, by removing ALL bundles. Going Forward all packages, will expire 30days from monthly subscription

This alignment of our products from a Bandwidth perspective, comes with improved technology and much better speeds. Meaning you can Live, Work and Roke all your videos at home, without fear of your INTERNET BUNDLE running. 

You can purchase our unlimited Packages at the following prices; Standard Roke Home 5mbps Package at 112,000 shillings, ROKE Home Extra (esp. those who are working from home)10Mbps Package at 170,000, and ROKE home Turbo (For those running BW Hungry Devices) with speeds up to 20Mbps for 235,000 Shillings.

To our customers, we say, we have listened to your feedback and dug into our toolbox, to give you monthly subscription Internet with no expiry, we hope that with your support, we will continue to build on Roke’s Primacy, as a Locally Owned ISP. We invite you be Happe at Home with Roke. Say GOODBYEto “bundled internet” and say Hello to unlimited internet.  Mwebale nyo, Afwoyo Matek, Eyalama Noi, Mwebare Munonga!



Roger Sekaziga

C.E.O of ROKE Telkom. 


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