ROKE Telkom Introduces Roke Protect


Roke Telkom has always focused on bringing the best telecommunications services to Uganda, significantly changing people’s lives. Last year, Roke partnered with Facebook to bring high-speed internet to millions of Ugandans. This year, Roke partnered with Whalebone to make sure they offer the safest possible internet connection. 

“Partnering with Whalebone for the Roke Protect Solution has been an excellent move to not only enrich our security portfolio but also, to provide our customers seamless online protection while using ROKE Internet. Whalebone’s professionalism and dedication to its partners is very commendable and has provided ROKE a game-changing cyber security solution, enabling us to fulfill one of our core values to be a leader in Innovation.” – Mauricia Kayizzi, Head of Products & Business Intelligence, ROKE Telkom 

Thanks to Roke Protect, users get much greater control over their internet experience. The product blocks all kinds of online threats and gives subscribers the power to block selected websites, ads, or inappropriate content via parental control features. All of this is simple and effective. Internet users simply subscribe to the services and stay protected at all times, no matter what kind of devices they have connected to the network. 

“We introduced Roke Protect to ensure that our customers can guard themselves and their children from unsafe and unsuitable content easily. Accessibility to the Internet comes along with challenges.” – Michael Mukasa, Chief Commercial Officer, ROKE Telkom 

ROKE’s broadband customers can protect their Wi-Fi networks by subscribing to bundle deals that contain the product. Having network-level protection on the DNS level means that every single DNS request is inspected. Whenever there’s an attempt to access a malicious domain, our DNS resolvers interrupt the connection and make sure the users stay safe. All of this happens without any impact on user experience such as slowing the connection down 

Users have access to a branded user portal where they see an overview of threats that they have faced. On top of that, they can easily control all of the content filtering features from one place thanks to a very intuitive graphical user interface. For example, they can simply block adult content either indefinitely, or during certain hours/days of the week, thanks to handy categorization. 

Roke Telkom has a long-term vision of bringing high-quality and secure Internet connectivity to Uganda. By launching Roke Protect, they moved a significant step closer to it. 


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