ROKE Telkom extends support with ROKE Gives Back in October


ROKE Gives Back is our annual corporate social responsibility initiative with which we extend support to the more needy and vulnerable persons of society. The initiative happens every year in October which we visit and provide support to the needy and vulnerable in our society. This year we visited a total of 4 communities with which we had a moment to give back.  

At the start of October, we kicked off the initiative with a visit to Gulu at St. Jude Children's Home a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that takes care of abandoned children who include orphans and one's with vulnerabilities. Part of the support provided by ROKE at the home included toys, bed sheets, food items and sanitary pads for the girls.  

We would later follow this initiative with a visit to Lulwanda Children's Home in Mbale an NGO that looks after orphans. The home started in 2005 and has since been providing the children with shelter, medical care and education. Part of the support provided by ROKE Telkom included food items and more. 

Our third visit was at the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation the oldest civil society organisation in Uganda that was started in 2006. The foundation offers psycho- social support to children suffering from cancer. ROKE Telkom donated 5 Television sets, wheel chairs for the children.  

We concluded our month long corporate social responsibilities with a visit to Mugenyi community Nakivale refugee resettlement camp where through our partnership with Hello World we extended the Hello Hubs in Nakivale to 13 and a total of 19 across the country. Hello Hubs are internet connected solar powered digital hubs equipped with a 900 watts solar generator sufficient to supply the community with charging ports for electrical appliances.  

When COVID struck, all of the new refugees in the new arrivals centre (waiting for their documents to be processed), were moved to Mugenyi. Mugenyi was under-resourced, with no access to power. Now, with their new Hub, Mugenyi community have access to power and internet. Part of the support provided by ROKE Telkom on the initiative included food items and more. 

About Roke Telkom:  

Roke Telkom Ltd is a Uganda based telecommunications company in operation since 2006 licensed by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under a Public Service Provider (PSP) license. In addition to this, Roke obtained its telecommunications services license in the same year. In 2010, this license was upgraded to a Public Infrastructure Provider (PIP) license in order to expand the range of products and services offered to the market.  

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Mr. Amanya Atuhaire  

Brand and Marketing Manager I Roke Telkom.  

Mobile: 075-3 318 903