Planting with child

ROKE gives back to Bless a Child Foundation


On the 14th of October, 2017, ROKE telkom Uganda continued it’s initiative, ‘ROKE gives back’ by visiting the Bless a Child Foundation in Makerere Kikoni, in Kampala for the second year running.

The Bless a Child Foundation is both a home and a source of solace to children suffering from cancer related illnesses. It is a purely Ugandan organisation founded by Mr. Brian Walusimbi in 2007 to provide hospice support and care for children aged 0 to 12 years. It is a non government organization getting mist it’s support from well wishers and other local organizations.

The children at the home suffer from various forms of cancer and frequently go for treatment at Mulago hospital, which is just a short drive away. Cancer treatments usually happen in series. Families that travel to the capital city to receive treatment for cancer at Mulago, usually don’t have the resources to keep them afloat, considering cancer treatments can take up to several days or even weeks. Bless a Child home, therefore, provides a place for parents to stay with their children as they receive treatment as well as food and transportation to Mulago at no cost whatsoever.

Despite all this, the children’s spirits remain high. On our arrival at the home, they were very excited and happy to see us. The team took a tour of the home and got to hear more stories about the children. We then played board games with them, after which we prepared and shared a hearty meal with them.

The team later planted 2 trees in the home compound as a mark of environmental conservation, after which we made a donation of food stuffs and basic supplies that are needed at the home.

Since our visit last year, we have been settling the home’s monthly GoTV subscription & offering free ROKE internet. The home also holds an annual fundraiser at which we have been offering support by buying a table worth 2M UGX.

This year we pledged to continue doing so for another year and to continue keeping an open line of communication with the management, staff, as well as maintaining support for the children moving forward.

You too can get involved in making the lives of these children better and even put a smile on their faces. You can make donations in the form of money, food stuffs , toiletries, beddings, medical supplies or volunteer to teach, cook and drive the children to hospital reviews. To get more information or find more ways you can get involved, please visit