World’s most trending jobs, 2016

For some, with the new year comes the desire for new career choices. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, in Uganda alone, over 3.8% of people are unemployed and of these, 64% are youth (national definition, 18-30 years).
Thanks to technology, a whole new lot of job fields have emerged.

The list mainly comprises the occupations where the number of people hired monthly is outpaced by the number of vacancy ads posted by the various recruiting companies. Other events often taken into consideration while assessing trending jobs are: work environment, pay, employment outlook, physical demands and stress. It cannot be concluded that only jobs where employees derive the highest level of satisfaction are the most sought after, because some high-pressure jobs come along with high compensation packages that cannot be overlooked. So here, in no particular order, a list of the most trending jobs in the world today.

Computer technology

Digital communications and IT are continuously being integrated into the workplace in both the public and the private sectors, ensuring the constant and growing need for computer programmers, systems analysts, information managers and web developers. As IT continues to advance, so does the work of the software engineers who analyze the users’ needs and design programs to meet these needs.
The job outlook for software engineers is positive and is expected to increase by 38%.

Today we have software applications for almost about everything: losing weight, driving, cooking, etc; and this trend is not going to stop.

Registered nurses

With the advance in medical treatments and technology, people are living longer and more sedentary lives and so there are more people of advanced age, increasing levels of obesity and hypertension, which in turn raises the demand for nurses and other healthcare providers in the long term.

Registered nurses, tele-health nurses and case managers are tied for first place in CareerBuilder and the Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) most recent list of the top ranked jobs with the largest gap between job openings and hires.

Environmental engineers

All around us are “green” activists. “Green” this and “green” that has become a slogan that doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon as the world becomes more environmentally aware. This means that solving environmental problems is going to be a burgeoning field for decades to come. This field is expected to grow by at least 15% in the next decade. The requirement by the governments to clean up contaminated areas is expected to help sustain demand for these engineers. Also, one can better their job prospects by obtaining a master’s degree in environmental engineering.

Sales and marketing managers

The reason marketing and sales jobs are recession proof is because all companies depend on sales for revenue.

Marketing and sales managers are responsible for product design, conduct research, evaluate product demand, establish pricing strategies, identify a target audience and determine the best way to reach said audience. While most companies still operate in the marketing-then-sales model, some smaller businesses have merged the two thus providing several career opportunities for creative thinking sales professionals who bring the crucial missing piece that can make or break a marketing plan. For this reason, they are rewarded rather highly to ensure that they stay in the job. Employment for this group of people is estimated at 5% this decade.

Industrial engineers

Employment of industrial engineers is predicted to negligible change for the next decade. Because they aren’t as specialized as other engineers, industrial engineers can be hired by a variety of industries such as research and development firms, manufacturing industries and wholesale trade.

This flexibility arises from the fact that industrial engineers’ expertise focuses on reducing internal costs, making them hirable by a number of industries.

Financial managers

Depending on industry, employment for financial managers is predicted to grow by 7% this decade. As the global economy grows, services provided by financial managers such as coordinating Investments and planning will be highly sought after as companies will be in need of cash management expertise.

With the increasing rate of online bank transactions by customers, the number of bank branches is expected to decline. However, this is predicted to affect mainly clerical occupations, such as tellers, rather than financial managers. Candidates with expertise in accounting and finance, especially those with a master’s degree, should enjoy the best job prospects.

Physical therapists

Employment for physical therapists is estimated to grow much faster than the average for all occupations; about 34% within the next 10years. With the advance in medical care, more trauma victims and babies born with deformities will be able to survive, creating more demand for rehabilitation care. Additionally, in the recent years, chronic illnesses like obesity and diabetes have become more rampant, hence the need for physical therapists to help these patients maintain mobility and manage the lifelong effects of these chronic illnesses. Job prospects should be especially favorable in the rural areas where there is less competition.

Some of the trending jobs that do not necessarily require higher levels of education include food service managers, computer user support specialists, insurance sales agents, medical records and health information technicians, transportation, storage and distribution managers, medical secretaries, claims adjusters, examiners and investigators, and lodging managers.

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