Roke Plus is our latest product range that has everyone excited. Roke Plus subscribers will be able to access free internet everyday from 7pm to 7am and all weekend.

Here are some answers to some of the most recurring questions about Roke Plus.

QTN: How do I get the free internet?

ANS: Simply contact us to subscribe to any of our Roke Plus bundled products and you      will be able to enjoy the free internet on weekdays from 7pm to 7am & all weekend long

QTN: What are the Roke Plus bundled products?

ANS: Our Roke Plus bundled products include Roke Mini Plus (5Gb) , Roke Classic Plus (40Gb) , Roke Unlimited Plus (80Gb) & Roke Mega Plus (150Gb)

QTN: Since the internet is free do I still need to subscribe for a monthly bundle?

ANS: Yes, you need to have an active monthly subscription to be able to access the free internet at night and on weekends. Should your bundle expire within the course of the month from daily use you will have to top up to enjoy the free internet.

QTN: If my bundle expires, do I still have access to free internet?

ANS: No, you will not. Should your bundle expire within the course of the month you will have to top up so as to access the free internet.

QTN: What is the difference between legacy and plus products?

ANS: The legacy products are our original internet packages, they don’t come with any free internet however they come with carry over should your bundle not expire by the time the month ends. The Plus products are the packages with the free internet and do not have carry over.

QTN: Do I get free internet with Rokespot?

ANS: No, Rokespot is a part of the Legacy bundled products is not included among the Roke Plus bundled products & thus has no free internet access.

QTN: Do I get free internet with Rokespot Plus?

ANS: No, Rokespot Plus is a part of the Roke Plus bundled products however, instead of free internet access this product offers you double the data and double the speeds that the Legacy Rokespot offers.

QTN: What happens if i do not use my 7am-7pm free internet? Is it added in a way for me to use it the next day?

ANS: No, it isn’t. However you will still have free internet access the following day provided you still have a valid bundle.

QTN: Is the free internet limited or unlimited?

ANS: Yes, the internet is free and unlimited but subject to the Fair Usage Policy

QTN: I am an active Roke customer, how do I start enjoying this free internet?
ANS: Simply contact us and ask for your legacy package to be changed to a Roke Plus package.

QTN: Since roke unlimited and roke mega are office packages, how do I use the free data at night and over the weekend?
ANS: This will not be possible, unless you get a separate home Roke Plus package

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