New year, new you: How to keep fit at home

Keeping fit happens to be one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. But like most of such resolutions, it tends to slide off people’s radars for various reasons. It may be because you can’t afford to survive January and pay gym subscription at the same time, or you’re the shy kind who is petrified by the thought of jogging in a public place. But guess what, you don’t have to give up on your resolution when there are so many things you can do to stay fit by exercising from home, sometimes without any equipment. Try out any of the following and see which ones work best for you.

Rope skipping

This is one of the most common exercises people do at home and it is known to be a full body workout. It’s not only cheap, but also a very effective fat-burning workout. You could easily buy a skipping rope from your nearby supermarket or the ones that are hand-crafted. If you have a skipping partner, you could take turns at the rope as you challenge each other in a fun-filled workout. Skipping is also very good for the skin as it reduces acne by increasing blood flow to the skin and promoting elimination of toxins by opening the pores through sweat.


Let’s say you’re one of the kind who are easily intimidated by the leers of other road users, real or imaginary, walking around your house or compound may suffice as a good alternative. It may not sound as effective, but it is good for your heart, for toning the muscles of your legs and you can burn a couple of calories doing this. If you find this boring, there are alternative home walking workouts that will have the same effect like walking up and down the stairs in the house or on the apartment block.


This is good for people of all ages and size and improves muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness, with a wide range of physical and mental benefits including improved lung and heart condition, stronger bones, improved general and psychological wellbeing as well as weight management. To make this fun, there’s lots of dance fitness programs you can download from the internet to help you with this, sometimes with fitness instructors to guide you on. With dancing, exercise will no longer be something you have to do, but rather something you want to do.

Weight lifting

Calisthenics, when done at the right intensity, can substitute heavy weights for those who exercise with the aim of building muscles or maintaining muscle bulk. If you can’t afford the dumbbells, you could start by lifting light weights around you like cans of food, fabric softener bottles, jars of water, and the like as you gradually increase the weights. So as to build the muscles of the arms and back, you could support yourself on a door hinge and lift your body weight off the floor, repeatedly. Doing pushups with your son on your back will not only improve the muscle strength of your chest, shoulders and triceps, but will also give you a chance to play ride-the-donkey with your son despite a long work day.


With only a chair, you can do squats, a multi-joint exercise that targets all the major muscles of the lower body and is good for beginners and those with knee problems. You can add intensity into your squats by lifting different weights while emphasizing different muscle groups. It is best to do full squats (terminating with hips at or below knee level) rather than incomplete ones (those terminating above parallel) as the latter are less effective and more likely to cause injury to the knees and lumbar spine in due time.

So the next time you think of what to do to when you can’t afford gym subscription or can’t comfortably strut your things in those tight-fitting workout outfit on the street, just remember there are so many things you could do at home.

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