Look fabulous with these 5 makeup steps

Every woman wants to look her best all day every day and what better way to do this than wear makeup correctly. Yet it when you consider the grueling stages of applying makeup, it is overwhelming and it is all too easy to throw up our hands in defeat thus settling for baby powder at most.

However, a few steps can get you looking good every morning without having to rollout the entire makeup set.

1. Cleanse, tone, moisturise
Afterthat morning shower, cleanse, tone and moisturise (yes, even if youdid it last night just before you went to bed). This sets the stage for the makeup, like clean canvas on which a work of art is going to be painted.

2. Shape that eyebrow.
The trick here is to always make sure your eyebrow is always well-shaped to avoid an untidy look. Start by drawing a line below and above the eyebrowthen shade lightly to fill it in. A brown pencil is a more preferable choice because it looks more natural. At this point if you want to apply eye shadow, go ahead and shade your eyelids. Then apply liquid eyeliner and mascara depending on the kind of look you are aiming for.

3. Conceal
You know how there seem to be amillion things to give flawless skin? The list is confusing but stick to liquid foundation. Apply few drops on the skin on different places and blend evenly over the face, neck and ears. It covers a multitude of spots and blemishes.

4. Lipstick
Start with a lip balm to soften and moisturise your skin and then follow it with your preferred shade of lipstick and gloss over it if you so wish.

5. Set it
For a perfect finish, use a brush to dust your face with the corresponding shade of setting powder.


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