Own your workspace

24 May, 2016
You’ve definitely heard this before but there is no harm in repeating it anyway. We spend the biggest percentage of our time at the work place. And yet, many of us saunter in and out of our offices every day without thinking about how the office space affects our mood or productivity. We channel our entire creativeness towards creating beautiful spaces at home ignoring the space where we spend the majority of time. According to Henry Nsubuga, the head of counseling and guidance at Makerere University, people who have control over their workspace are happier and productive. Now that you know, here are some suggestions to help you embark on the journey of personalising your work space. But, before we begin, remember everyone is unique,so you can be as imaginative as possible. Also be sure to consult your supervisor about the freedom you have to effect the changes. Surround yourself with beautiful memories I know of someone whose office is...read more  

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