House improvement on a budget

Small budget, big improvement

Are you tired of walking into the same old boring apartment? Are you the kind who wishes your home could have a fresh look but the thought of digging deep into your wallet stifles the considerations? Perhaps it’s time you took a minute to forget about the home makeover shows you’ve been watching. You can actually give your house a makeover without breaking the bank. Follow these tips and you will definitely thank us later.


This one is too precious, it reminds me of my university days. I will need this in the near future. I can’t give this away, I bought it expensively! It all sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, most of us have trouble letting go of things and because of that, our homes are filled with clutter. You obliviously don’t want to hear this but doing away with clutter will definitely give your house a fresh look. Most of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, around the idea of decluttering our homes because we think that we can accomplish everything in one day. Unless you are Superman who moves faster than the speed of light, that mission will definitely be impossible. Develop a plan for reorganizing the home and stick to it. Room by room works well for most people.

Opt for updating instead of buying

Sometimes all that the ugly looking couch needs is a touch up to regain its youthful look. Items like cushion covers and new cushions and fabric for seats can revive up your living room without attracting the services of money lenders. To get the best bargain, it is better that a day is spared for a trip to downtown Kampala. Kiyembe and Owino Market will provide a variety of affordable materials. The task of dressing the cushions can be done by your local tailor while you need the services of a carpenter if it’s the entire sofa.

Paint where it matters

Nothing defines a house makeover better than fresh painted walls. However, since we are talking tight budgets, repainting every wall inside the home is not the best option. The way out is to pick just one wall in each room to decorate. For example, a contemporary colour on a single accent wall can freshen up the living area and even make it look bigger. Some caution for those living in rented houses. Make sure you seek the permission of the landlord or else you risk losing your security fee when you decide to move out.

Beautiful window dressings, extraordinary room

Curtains can radically change the aspect of a room. Beautiful curtains will transform a normal room into an extraordinary one. A change in colour and fabric of curtains will give a room a new ambience. Once again, for a good bargain, downtown Kampala is your best friend. There, you will find outlets with a variety of curtain fabric. Most of the shops have or are located close to tailors to stitch the curtains. But before you embark on the curtain quest, use the internet to research on tasteful fabrics and colours.

The gift of life

Consider awakening your spaces by adding the vibrancy that comes with living things. Adding plants in any room makes you feel more alive and a simple aquarium will have a similar effect. Plants will awaken corridors, shelves and idle coffee tables.

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