From work to play: Simple steps to turn your work outfit into a night outfit

It’s 6:30pm and you are just about to shut down the office computer. Right after you’ve hit the shutdown button, the phone rings. It’s one of the girls calling to remind you of the girls’ night out you planned a few weeks ago. You are quick to bail out simply because the grey dress and dull ballet pumps you are wearing are not the best idea for a night out. Well, next time, it doesn’t have to be that way! With a couple of adjustments, creative additions, and the perfect accessory, you can take your work outfit to a whole new level!

The earrings

Always carry an extra pair of flashy and sparkly earrings because this accessory can turn any drab outfit into an exciting one. For example large, dramatic danglers take the focus off your outfit and bring attention to your face.

Upgrade the shoes

There is no excuse for not always having an extra pair of fashionable heels. If you don’t own a car, keep them in the safety of the office locker. Swapping the comfortable office shoes for a pair of towering heels will instantly add to glam the outfit. If towering heels are not your thing, then colour kitten heels can do the job.

Smaller bag

Nothing ruins an outfit and a good night like the bulky office bag. There is never space for it at a cocktail table. It inconveniences people on the dance floor. Do yourself a favour and trade your oversized bag with a trendy clutch bag. Again that is something you can always have in your bag or office desk.


Keeping a jacket in your car or office cabinet is a simple, quick change you can make to your outfit. We are not talking about the tired and boring jacket sagging around your office chair. We are talking about brightly coloured, printed, or embellished jackets.


To complete the outfit, add a touch of hot red or pink lipstick to awaken your face. A signature body splash will also come in handy. Now you’re licensed to enjoy your night out!

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