10 ideas on how to spend quality time at home

We are living in demanding times. Parents have gotten busier, work hours have stretched longer and it has become necessary for both parents to bring bread to the table. There is so much to do and yet the clock still remains at 24 hours. So amidst, the hustle and bustle the families must find ways of making the time they spend together count. There is no excuse for a child to know more about The Kardashians than they actually know about their parents. There are no explanations that will exonerate you from the fact your children feel more affection for the television screen than they do for you. Below are some ideas on how you can spend quality time at home. Remember it’s not about the amount of time you spend at home but it’s how you use it that matters.

1. Movie night
Creating a family movie night is a nice way to spend time as family. Be sure to choose movies appropriate for family viewing. You don’t want to be trapped in a situation where you have to dive for a remote because a sex scene has popped up.

2. Play together, stay together
When families play together, it’s inevitable that they lighten up and communicate in a more casual environment. Play leads to the building of happy memories, and the sharing of inside jokes. Playing together also helps to impart different life values. For example a game of football will show the importance of team work.

3. Bonding the smart way
Board games like chess and Scrabble are known to boost the brain power of both adults and children. So engaging in such games will keep the family entertained, create a feeling of togetherness and also give your brain nourishment. Do we have to say more?

4. Work and Play
Chores should not only be left for mummy. Doing chores as a family can help you bond and also teach the children valuable lessons on hard work. It doesn’t have to be the usual boring process. For example you can come up with a game where kids compete to see who can get the chore done the fastest.

5. Gardening
Times are tough. With costs of food escalating every day, the family can do with a vegetable garden. If you have enough space outside the house, it’s time to set up that family garden. Get the necessary tools and delegate an appropriate activity for everyone according to age. The family will definitely have a great time caring for the plants and will enjoy the reward of harvest.

6. A family that cooks together
The Kitchen is the heart of a house and spending time together in the kitchen makes it so much easier to create memories that will last a life time. Plus, the children will thank you in future when they are able to prepare a variety of wonderful meals.

7. A family that prays together stays together
It doesn’t matter your religion, fellow shipping together as a family is great to develop the family bond while you nurture your spiritual bond with God.

8. Meal time
Make it a point to have meals together. Obliviously have all meals together amidst the tight schedules is close to impossible but at least you can prioritize having dinner as a family. Eating a family meal together gives family members time to discuss their day and any good or challenging things happening in their life. Plus, eating at home is more cost effective than going out to the restaurant.

9. Plan things together
Spending a few hours making your plans together as family is a fruitful way to create family bonds. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of Hollywood’s most famous and Successful couples who are now raising successful children. They’ve often attributed their success to involving their children in making plans together.

10. Home work
Helping a child with their homework not only allows you to spend time together, but enables you to see what they are learning and how they are doing academically. In absence of homework, you can also read together.

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