This brand new product range is defined by the word FREE and clients who are currently subscribed to our legacy bundled products; ROKE Mini, ROKE Classic, ROKE Unlimited and ROKE Mega, will have the opportunity to upgrade to the ROKE PLUS option.

New clients will also have a choice between the legacy product and the new product range. With ROKE PLUS, customers will have FREE internet access between 7pm and 7am every weekday and FREE internet access all through the weekend at the same exact price (asides ROKE Mega Plus that will differ in price but only slightly). The client’s bundle will run normally throughout the day until 7pm, after which PLUS kicks in until 7am the next day.


The new and improved bundled offers alongside the legacy products;

Peak time is 7am to 7pm from Monday to Friday

Terms & conditions apply.

Payment method for this service is by Cash, Cheque, Pay-way, Mobile Money or EFT


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