Top 2017 April Fool’s Videos on the Internet

Corporate companies are no strangers to April Fool’s day jokes pranks and gags. We surveyed the internet to bring you the top of the very best pranks in 2017. Hope you enjoy;

Google is no stranger to April fool’s pranks and for a number of years have been behind some really creative gimmicks. This year the team at Google came up with Google’s Gnome which is an outdoor helper. Google Gnome does to your yard exactly what Google Home does to your home. But the Gnome has a cool hat.


The ride hailing app that doubles as Uber’s number 1 competitor in the American market made quiet the decision when they announced a not so conventional and crazy Power Glove style gadget to summon rides by raising your hand in the air, but they seem to have also made them actual & real devices that are fully functional. Prank or sneak product launch into the market? You be the judge.


Netflix & Satire was the theme the most popular online video streaming service went for this year. Pretty much a narration of ordinary objects by Will Arnett.


Having recently launched their Siri like voice assitant called Alexa, it comes as no surprise Amazon went with this direction. They added a new “Petlexa” integration, that purports to make your Echo capable of understanding queries from your pets. It mostly just consists of this video, since Amazon (understandably) didn’t build a functional version of this


Airbnb kept it close to their product offering and imagined a world where your host was humanless. Let’s see.


Hulu’s April Fools’ gimmick is an alleged new service called “Hu,” which promises “TV abbreviated” by cutting down shows to just eight seconds to better match people’s shortened attention spans. To that end, the company has actually put together several playlists on both its own site and YouTube (for non-subscribers) of dramatically shortened episodes of SeinfeldBlack SailsThe Mindy ProjectEmpire, and others to show off the idea.

We are sure there are so many others and glad that the internet has become such a breeding ground for tonnes of jokes and fun.

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