Capacity Africa 2016

At the dawn of Capacity Africa, Roke Telkom is thrilled by the prospects this conference represents. 2016 marks many milestones for our company, among which is the celebration our 10th anniversary and we are pleased to be a part of this event.
Roke Telkom has made tremendous progress during the last ten years. We have moved from being aprimarily voice termination company to being a serious player in the Data market. Investment in our core network has allowed us to explore more avenues to deliver reliable and affordable internet across different market segments.

We will continue developing customer centric propositions in the Voice, Data, Video and Cloud Services to home and business users. We believe the growth potential to be enormous and we intend to be a key player in this space.
On the regional front, we are constantly looking for opportunities through strategic partnerships to reach even more customers.

Since inception we have had the belief that technology, simply put, helps one connect the dots. We will
continue to expand connectivity, build relationships with our partners and ultimately create value for our
Lets Live.Work.

ROKE at home ROKE at work ROKE on the go